How can Sophrology help me?

By regularly practicing a series of simple physical and mental exercises, Sophrology can help:

Manage stress, burn-out, change and success

  • Move smoothly through life challenges when we feel overwhelmed or off balance
  • Arrive at a calmer, focused state from where we can deal more effectively with stressful situations.
  • Feel more empowered to succeed, achieve our goals and take responsibility for being our best possible self.

Help you study, prepare for exams and other major life events

  • Release anxiety and worry when preparing for exams, speeches or other personal and professional events.
  • Improve concentration, focus and memory

Personal development

  • Build self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  • Grow in awareness of our mind and body so we can rescript self-defeating patterns and behaviours that we might not even be aware are driving our choices and actions
  • Improve communication and relationships
  • Change unwanted behavioural patterns

Improve overall well-being

  • Improve sleep and maintain good health
  • Feel more balanced, relaxed and positive about life in general


About Sophrology

Sophrology is a structured method created to produce optimal health and well being. It consists of a series of easy to do physical and mental exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere. The exercises can be as short or as long as you have time for. They are called dynamic relaxation and through regular practice there are noticeable effects on the mind and body. People generally feel more calm, focused and alert after practicing, all of which are prerequisites for making meaningful decisions and dealing in a productive, healthy way with stressful situations in life. The exercises generally have a very practical application in everyday situations and a wide range of usage.

Sophrology is widely used throughout continental Europe in businesses, high level sport, schools, universities and families.

About Me

I discovered Sophrology and its benefits, as most of us probably will, whilst navigating through life’s challenges. What really spoke to me was the ease of usage and its range of application which can be as wide or as limited as we choose it to be. As a result of that, every session is structured around the specific techniques and exercises that could be of use to you. 

I would encourage you to realise that only you are truly capable of influencing how you feel and react at any given moment, and to allow me to guide you through the process that you want to go through. 

Get In Touch

Practical Info

Sessions are available:

In person – One to one or in groups. Location -Morges region, CH

Online with video – Wherever you may be, online sessions are an easy and effective way to bring Sophrology and its benefits into your daily life.

Voice recordings of the exercises will be made available in both cases in order to facilitate regular practice outside of the sessions.

Sessions can be in English or French

They last 1h or 1.30h and schedules are flexible

Price for 1h – 120chf; 1.30h – 140chf




For any further info or to request a session, please write to